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Camp Daddy has been digitally re-mastered and availbale on DVD or VHS. This video features guys from Camp Ramblewood during the 2000 daddy gathering. Some segments not on the previous daddy video have been included.

The second in a series of Farmer Rons videos this one finds Ron working in his garage, stripping down from the heat and talking to you every moment! He then takes you into his living room where he strokes his rod while watching a porn flick but before you can get bored he escorts you to the laundry room for some sex on a laundry bucket followed by more hot action on a saw horse!

Featuring Farmer Ron naked on the farm naked working his rod in the tool shed, behind the barn in the wheel barrow, in the woods on a tree, on the flatbed trailer and much more!

Rancher Jim gets drunk during my visit to Maryland and his ranch hand ties him up on the pool table and sucks and jerks him off

Hairy dad gets tied up in barn and jerked off - If you have a fantasy or fetish about burly beefy men getting tied up in a barn and taught who is boss then Ranch Eroto 1 is a must have in your video collection! This video features our Maryland bear (also seen in "The Massage" and "Clash NHB 2001" getting worked over by two guys in a barn when he participated in a fetish and got more than he bargained for such as a WHIP & CHAIN! Three guys work him into a sexual frenzy while he is tied to the rafters and the filming continues right into the showers! You also get a bonus segment sent to us by Mike in CA. 1 hour of intense action and eroto scenes!

Hairy bears box, wrestle, bondage, fuck - Our bareback couple starts off swaping chest punches while tied to the boxing bag then move on to oil wrestling and then a shower before bareback sex on the bench press!

Jerking off at home - If you like tough rough trade type this is your tape! This East Coast amateur gives you 80 minutes of posing and hot sex from his home recording sex acts over a period of weeks. Included after the sex show is Hank Trout and Metal Jock in a bare knuckle boxing brawl match followed by some erotic oil wrestling

Dick Nasty dominated by a dominatrix - Mr Dick Nasty took a trip to Maryland to cut some firewood on a friends ranch and ends up getting tied up by a bad ass dominatrix! The video starts with Dick agreeing to test out a new torture toy and get more than he expected as his shirt is in shreds and after some abuse gets ripped off totally. The dominatrix shows talent for more than just abuse as a hot after torture massage is provided and you get to watch all the action including a hot climax!!!

Beefy muscle - Carolina Alex is two full hours of Alex video taped in DC October 2002. If you like beefy muscle dad types this tape will satisfy all your needs as Alex starts off with a close shaved beard on Saturday and jerks off in various uniforms and leather toys. Then Sunday he shaves and jerks off more in the shower but he saves the hot dripping climax for the photo studio where he strokes himself in a wrestling singlet, boxing gloves, construction uniform, leather costume and Army fatigues. Camp Daddy has been digitally re-mastered and availbale on DVD or VHS. This video features guys from Camp Ramblewood during the 2000 daddy gathering. Some segments not on the previous daddy video have been included.

Gary is the man who started it all! Gladiators World Alliance, Vangar, Globalfight, Armgar Studios, Globalfight/Headlock, Oldtimewrestling, USAfur, GearPlay, and many others. See Gary workout, wrestle and pose. See Gary in bondage! also a couple of our hottest models working out, flexing and wrestling.

Erotic Football 2 features two hours of big Carolina Jim and Atlanta Gary in football gear post game working each others dicks to a hot climax followed by a shower scene. Bonus massage footage of Gary and Jim are included to give you a full two hour video! Lots of street outfits, strippers dancing and the Sunday T Dance. Camp Bondage features a bound a whip session by master and slave and a workout is also included of Dave and his buddy.



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